Thursday, April 22, 2010

Franklin Flying Field June 26th

Franklin Flying Field (3FK)

Fly-IN Breakfast

Saturday June 26’th

8:00 AM - 12:00PM

Help support Sport Aviation by planning to attend, and bring a friend or two. Franklin Flying Field is located 20 miles south of Indianapolis. For more information contact: Roy Farris at 317-460-5916. Also visit our website at: Its going to be a fun time ... Please tell all your friends.

Everyone Welcome this is a family event ... Fly-By’s are encouraged.

Sponsored By Franklin Flying Field and the Johnson County Pilots Association

Monday, April 19, 2010

aviation links from Willis

For Flyers of Air Planes:

Abandoned Little Known Airfields
A very interesting historical resource

Ack Ack DesignsNose art, painted jackets

Air Traffic Control feeds from around world

Airways Gifts

Bob's Aircraft Documentation

Pappy Boyington Field

Sky Vector Handy Aerial Map Site

Rosemary Dery Leather Artist

U.S. Cockpits lots of various cockpit pictures

Veterans Airlift CommandFlying wounded vets and their families free of charge.

Wings 4 Aviators - Custom Embroidery

Wings Aviation Services - St.Paul, MN

Air Show:

AirExpoWings of the NorthEden Prairie , MN

CAF AirshoMidland, TX

Central Texas Air Show Temple, TX

Indianapolis Air ShowIndianapolis, IN

New Richmond Air Show N. Richmond , WI

MiramarSan Diego , CA

Sun'N Fun Fly-in Lakeland , FL

Thunder Over Michigan Detroit , MI

Wings Over HoustonHouston , TX

Museums and Organizations

Aerospace Museum of California

American Airpower Museum

American Wings Museum

Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum

Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum

Frontiers of Flight Museum

Golden Wings Museum

Flight Museum

Great War Flying Museum

Historical Aircraft Group Museum

Lone Star Flight Museum

P-38 National Association and Museum

Olympic Flight Museum

Pacific Coast Air Museum

Pacific A viation Museum

Palm Springs Air Museum

Pima Air & Space Museum

Planes of Fame Air Museum

Pratt Army Air Field History Center

Richard I. Bong WWII Heritage Center

San Diego Air & Space Museum

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

Vought Aircraft Heritage Foundation

Warbird Heritage Foundation

War Eagles Air Museum

Wings of the North

Yankee Air Museum

Aviation Photography and Videography:

Air Show Buzz

Aviation Photos Online

Mark Albert

Victor Archer

Beyond Visual Range

Eric Dumigan

Dick Fields

John Fleck


Bernard Friel

Larry Grace

Francoise Guile

Christoph blank rel=nofollow>Kris Klop

Rick Llinares

Phil Makanna

Don Parsons

Dan Patterson

Nathan Perlman

Manfred Poznanski
Reggie Paulk

Phil Wallick

Roger Whitcomb

Andreas Zeitler

Flying Videos

P-47 WWII Film

Aerial Combat Film

P-47 Training Film

Planes and Performers

American Aerobatics

B-25 Pacific Prowler

Duggy the DC-3

Howard 500

Glue it

John Klatt Airshows

T-6 Thunder

Twin & Turbine

Warbird Digest

CAF Links:

3rd Pursuit Squadron
Alaska Wing

Arizona Wing

B-25 Miss Mitchell

B-29/B-24 Squadron

Devil Dog Squadron

Dixie Wing

Duluth Detachment

Great Plains Wing

High Sky Wing

Jayhawk Wing

Minnesota Wing

P-40 Warhawk

Rio Grande Valley Wing


Red Tail Project

Rocky Mountain Wing

Southern California Wing

Tora Tora Tora

TRARON B-58 Hustler


Fly A Warbird - SNJ

International Birddog Assoc.


Pilot Class 43D

Pilot Class 55 India

River Rats

Warbirds EAA

Wreck Hunters

Z Square 7, B-29 Story


360 degree view of A380 Cockpit

Glue-It, Modeler's Photo Reference

Fire Boss

Flightline Airshow

wings and wheels

EAA Chapter 82's 4th ANNUAL


Sat & Sun… June 6 & 7, 2010

Barber Airport (2D1)

(Three miles north of Alliance, OH on Rt. 225)

Come and see aircraft flying with some of the best

automotive & alternative engines flying today…

the Corvair and Volkswagen

Pancake Breakfast… Sat & Sun… 7 - 11am

Lunch… Sat… Noon - 2pm


On Display…

Homebuilt Aircraft, PRA #19 Rotorcraft, Vintage Corvair Cars, Corvair engines & "Roy's Garage" Fifth Bearing Modification.

Sat… 7am - 4pm Sun … 7am - 2pm

For More Information, Contact…

Ron Willett 330-314-0075

Pete Klapp 330-388-2074Forrest Barber WWW.BARBERAIRCRAFT.COM

Monday, April 05, 2010

Wright Stuff and Helicopter Challenge Kudos

Mr Sparks wanted to pass this along to our Veteran Olympiad Staff and Newcomers as well.

Dear Tim & Tom,

I want to offer my most sincere thanks to you for coordinating the Helicopter Duration and Wright Stuff events for the 2010 Science Olympiad State Tournament. IU Bloomington has a reputation of being the best host site for the state tournament. That reputation is very well deserved – we have state-of-the-art facilities and the best event supervisors & volunteers in the State! As I continually emphasized to the coaches and students, the event supervisors & volunteers are what make the tournament tick. Without you, Science Olympiad tournaments simply would not exist.

I hope the time, talent and creativity you expended on your event paid off with a fun and rewarding day. I have already received many thank you notes from coaches and students who have commented on the fun, challenging and fair events at the tournament. They have also complimented your high level of organization, which led to a phenomenally small amount of contested rules during the day.

Two Coach’s Comments:

“Thanks so much for all of your hard work and effort. It is very comforting to our students when competitions go as planned and "surprises" are kept to a minimum. Nobody puts on a State Tournament like you do. Thanks again.” Dave Swihart, Peru High School

“Great job! Usually I have kids coming back complaining how competitions were run in 5-6 events and I usually discuss it with them and forget about it. I only had ONE event where kids complained this year. Your awards ceremony is the best of any I have seen, even including nationals unless it was held at IU. The trophies coming out of the stage is priceless. Thanks again.” Richard Bender, Thomas Jefferson Middle School

Provost Karen Hanson and Associate Dean Catherine Pilachowski extend their thanks to you as well. We applaud your commitment to science education and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.

Kudos to you and congratulations on making the 2010 tournament a huge success...we couldn't do it without you!

Warmest regards,


Tina Gilliland

Outreach Liaison

Indiana University

College of Arts & Sciences

Go Hoosiers!


Thursday, April 01, 2010

Science Olympiad

Peter Zabriskie took some photos he wanted to share with the group.
The event was a success, and a lot of flying happened.


Division C Helicopter

08 Bloomington High School South
C04 Whiting High School
C26 Valparaiso High School
C03 Canterbury
C02 Munster High School
C16 Bloomington High School North
C25 Northridge High School
C05 Peru High School
C24 Lake Central High School 3 rotors
C20 Manchester Jr/Sr High School
C06 Riley High School
C11 Carmel High School

Division B Helo

B25 Thomas Jefferson Middle School
B23 Northridge Middle School
B05 Benjamin Franklin Middle School
B24 Chesterton Middle School
B20 Grimmer Middle School
B02 Wilbur Wright Middle School
B01 St. John the Baptist
B06 CN Scott Middle School
B21 Manchester Jr/Sr High School
B26 International School of Columbus
B13 Wainwright Middle School
B14 Tri‐North Middle School
B16 Scottsburg Middle School
B03 our Lady of Grace School
B11 Sycamore School

Division B Wright Stuff

B25 Thomas Jefferson Middle School
B02 Wilbur Wright Middle School
B24 Chesterton Middle School
B05 Benjamin Franklin Middle School
B23 Northridge Middle School
B21 Manchester Jr/Sr High School
B20 Grimmer Middle School
B19 Taft Middle School
B26 International School of Columbus
B14 Tri‐North Middle School
B16 Scottsburg Middle School
B22 Stanley Clark
B17 St. Simon the Apostle
B15 Rensselaer Central Middle School
B06 CN Scott Middle School
B13 Wainwright Middle School
B08 St. Edward School
B04 Highland Hills
B07 St. Mary Catholic Community School
B09 Winamac MS
B11 Sycamore School
B18 West Lafayette Jr/Sr High
B01 St. John the Baptist
B10 Jackson Creek Middle School
B03 our Lady of Grace School
B12 Southport Middle School

the Wild Ride of 106

Landing a J3

great video


Cub found in a barn

Big project:
Discovery of the "Barn Cub."
Story of the discovery.
Disassembly of the Cub.

Carrier Landings

Carrier landings
These are the worlds best pilots.
Watch #1 video first, then #2.
Make sure your sound is on. I have seen a lot of aviation emails but the two videos below are undoubtedly the best. Turn on your sound and go full screen. I guarantee this will definitely hold your attention.
These videos show the difference between Naval Aviation and any other kind. The links below are two outstanding
videos about F-18 carrier operations aboard the USS Nimitz during weather that causes a severely pitching deck, which you can see in the videos. It's more dangerous than most combat missions and the tension in the pilots and crew is very apparent. Watch Part 1 first. Great videos

Carrier Landing on a Pitching Deck Pt. 1
Carrier Landing on a Pitching Deck Pt. 2

Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...