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FW: Some great aerial shots

Fwd: historical China Clipper

Subject: historical China Clipper

Great 5 min video of historical China Clipper caught en route to NZ, Dec 7 1941 .
Turn the sound on and enjoy some aviation history.  Semper Fi, 

Fwd: "Air Traffic Control Facility Closures" -

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Air Traffic Control Facility Closures
Notice Number: NOTC4665

On February 22, 2013, Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood and Federal Aviation Administrator (FAA) Michael Huerta jointly announced the possible impacts of a budget sequestration on FAA operations.  This announcement included notification of potential closure of over 100 air traffic control towers, with those impending closures beginning April 7, 2013.  The FAA has subsequently released a list of 149 control towers that will be closed and the agency has made the decision to keep 24 federal contract towers open, read:  Press Release – FAA Makes Tower Closing Decision. As the probability of these tower closures and reduced operating hours nears, it is important to increase our awareness of proper operating practices and procedures at airports without an operating control tower.  Although we often hear these airports called "uncontrolled", you can help ensure continued safe and controlled operations through adherence to published practices and procedures. Of course, "non-towered airport" is the proper term to use for an airport without an operating control tower. There are many resources that provide advisory information for operations at airports without an operating control tower. These include the FAA Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM), Advisory Circular (AC) 90-66A , CFR 91.113 (Basic Right of Way Rules), CFR 91.126 and CFR 91.127 (Traffic Flow Rules at Non-Towered Airports). Please also note that some aeronautical experience for pilot certification requires takeoffs and landings at a towered airport. This may increase activity at the remaining towered airports, and will necessitate diligent planning on the part of training providers, instructors and students. So, what can I do? Always check NOTAMs prior to flight. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate.  Remember, communication includes listening, not just transmitting. Stay alert and continually scan for traffic. This may include turbojet, turboprop or helicopter operators that are not accustom to "standard traffic patterns" at your airport. Be aware that you may now be sharing the traffic pattern with non-radio equipped aircraft or ultralights. Spend some time with your CFI improving your knowledge and skills. Improve your knowledge by completing one or more of the many on-line courses available through the website. URL for the links listed in the notice: Press Release: 90-66A:$FILE/AC90-66A.pdfCFR 91.113: 91.126: 91.127:, safety is every pilot's responsibility. Have a safe and enjoyable flight!

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Science Olympiad - Thank You

This just in perhaps this would be worthwhile to post on the EAA 650 website. Special thanks to the guys and girls who were there to help out.
 Russ Ryles
 Evie Ryles
 John Stackhouse
 Valentina Stackhouse
 Barratt Patton
 Jim Leseure
 Jerry Harkin
 Tim Porter
 Tim Sparks

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From: Gilliland, Tina

Subject: Science Olympiad - Thank You

Dear Tim, I want to offer my most sincere thanks to you for coordinating the Helicopters & Elastic Launched Gliders competition at the 2013 Science Olympiad State Tournament.  IU Bloomington has a reputation of being the best host site for the state tournament.  That reputation is very well deserved – we have state-of-the-art facilities and the best event supervisors and volunteers in the State!  As I continually emphasize to the coaches and students, the event supervisors & volunteers are what make the tournament tick.  Without you, Science Olympiad tournaments simply would not exist. I hope the time, talent and creativity you expended on your end paid off with a fun and rewarding day.  I have already received many thank you notes from coaches who have commented on the fun, challenging and fair events at the tournament.  Coach's Comments:"Thank you for such a wonderful tournament.  As you know, this was the first time John Adams qualified for the state tournament.  The students were told that IU runs a wonderful tournament, and this was the year to go for it.  You did not disappoint.  Sitting them up front was a special treat.  They were all leaning forward and peering down at the orchestra pit when the trophies came up.  We have several juniors on the team.  They are all thinking about college.  I know we have two students who at this point were essentially "sold" on IU over the weekend--complete with buying a few IU sweatshirts and t-shirts to bring home. I know that organizing a tournament at the level that IU does takes a phenomenal effort on the part of many people.  I just wanted to let you know from someone who hasn't had her own children involved in the program for six years and came back to coach a new team that all your efforts are sincerely appreciated.  These kids had an experience that they will remember for many, many years to come!"Beth Kern, John Adams High School "Thanks so much to you and your team.  It has been a couple of years since McCutcheon made the trip to Bloomington, and the day did not disappoint.  I cannot imagine the view from your office, but clearly there are many hours spent preparing for this wonderful event. .  I am also pleased that I had a parent show interest by attending the awards, and it appears I may have a co-teacher bitten by the Science Olympiad bug!  Once you see the kids enjoying science outside of textbooks and classrooms, it is hard to not jump on board.  My fingers are crossed to improve our program! Again, thanks for a great day!"  Cheryl McLean, McCutcheon High School "Thank you for a great Saturday. We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Although we didn't medal :-( we were close on a few. The competition is extremely stiff and for our tiny little country school, I think we did well for our first visit to the State Finals. The Awards Ceremony was great and made the kids hungry for next year! I was worried that they would become discouraged by not medaling, but it did just the opposite. I feel the hype of the awards helped!" Troy Evert & Chris Turk, Mt. Vernon High School "Thank you for organizing Science Olympiad's state competition again this year. The experience was fun, challenging, and instructional for all of my students. I appreciate the enormous amount of work and planning that went into this and am grateful for everyone who helped you make it successful."Monica Yacko & Stephanie Kite, Clifford Pierce Middle School  I applaud your commitment to science education and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.  Kudos to you and congratulations on making the 2013 tournament a huge success...we couldn't do it without you! Warmest regards,Tina Tina GillilandOutreach LiaisonIndiana UniversityCollege of Arts and
Sciences130 S. Woodlawn Ave., Kirkwood Hall 104Bloomington, IN
47405Phone:  812-855-5397Fax: Hoosiers!   

un-powered flight

Subject: un-powered flight

Engine and complete instrument failure....

Airport tower to stay open until at least September

Airport tower to stay open until at least September

County aviation board to get update on status Tuesday morning
By Rachel Bunn 331-4357 |
March 18, 2013

Monroe County Airport's air traffic control tower, one of hundreds earmarked for closure by the federal government because of budget cuts, may not be on the chopping block just yet.
Unlike most of the other towers involved in the shutdown, Monroe County's control tower will remain open until at least the end of the U.S. government's fiscal year on Sept. 30. More than 170 of the towers contracted with the Federal Aviation Administration are set to close April 7.
The Monroe County Aviation Board of Commissioners will hear an update on the state of the airport's control tower Tuesday morning, though at this point, saving the tower will be up to the federal government, said airport director Bruce Payton.
"We're making every effort that we can to help the government see the importance of air traffic control," he said.
Federal funding pays 84 percent of the expenses for Monroe County's control tower, and the county covers the rest.
It would be difficult for the county to be able to fund the entire air traffic control tower, according to Geoff McKim, Monroe County Council president.
The aviation levy that provides funding for the airport is frozen, and if the county were to increase it, cuts would need to be made in other areas. The budget for the tower this year is $437,000, with only 16 percent of that coming from the county.
"We'd have to make corresponding cuts in things like the health department or capital funds; things that are very critical to the county," McKim said.
Even if the county did decide to take over funding for the air traffic control tower, it wouldn't go into effect until 2014.
Many air traffic control towers were officially told by the FAA last week when they could expect to close, and were given four days to send a reply explaining the national importance for keeping the control tower open.
Military leaders and Indiana University student athletes, speakers and researchers are among those that utilize the Monroe County Airport, according to Payton. Pilots with varying levels of experience also use the airport.
"Mixing those very fast and sophisticated engines in our air with pilots from the flight school — I don't feel we have maximum safety without air traffic control," he said.
Spencer Dickerson, executive director of the United States Contract Tower Association, said that one of the dangers with losing air traffic control towers is pushing extra responsibility onto pilots and other towers.
"You can lose focus from one thing to another," he said. "Air traffic controllers provide an extra set of eyes."
In November 2012, an audit by the U.S. Department of Transportation found that contract control towers, like Monroe County's, save taxpayers more money than other FAA towers, and also have a lower rate of safety incidents.
Dickerson said he was not sure why the towers were placed on the list of cuts, but that his association and others are working with Congress to try to save federal funding and keep the towers open. "We're deeply disconcerted and disappointed that they put these towers on the chopping block," he said.
Sen. Jerry Moran (R-Kansas) has an amendment to the Senate Continuing Resolution, which should be introduced on the Senate floor today, that would block funding cuts to air traffic control towers.
Payton will be watching the amendment closely.
"The actual fate of all the air traffic control towers that were slated to close is up in the air right now," he said.

The tower of the Monroe County Airport can be seen in this photo from 2012. More than 170 of the towers contracted with the Federal Aviation Administration are set to close April 7, but Monroe County's control tower will remain open until at least Sept. 30. Monty Howell | Herald-Times file photo

Bruce Payton

Hindenburg album

Subj: Hindenburg album

Compilation of Hindenburg photos, 1936-1937
        Note: All photos are .jpg (except#22, a gif of fire) - and can be 'saved' in your files

Fwd: "NOTAMs Now Available on FAA Mobile" -

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NOTAMs Now Available on FAA Mobile
Notice Number: NOTC4615

Popular features now on-the-go with FAA Mobile!
FAA Mobile is an easy-to-use mobile website that provides quick access to popular tasks for aviation enthusiasts on-the-go. You can look up N-numbers, find NOTAMS and Advisory Circulars, browse airport delays, and more. You can find FAA Mobile at (optimized for mobile devices).
The FAA Mobile website allows you to stay connected with popular features of from any location – whether it be the hangar, the office, or home. You can also access the full web version of by tapping a link at the bottom of any FAA Mobile page.
FAA Mobile fully supports iOS 4 and higher, as well as Android 2.2 and higher. For details on all devices that are compatible with FAA Mobile, see Supported Platforms and Devices. Features Supported Platforms and Devices Frequently Asked Questions Feedback FeaturesFAA Mobile provides mobile access to the following features. To see page examples, click the "See Example" links. N-Number LookupLook up any aircraft's N-number to see ownership, registration, aircraft manufacturer and model, and more information. See Example NOTAMSLook up NOTAMs (Notices to Airmen) and TFR notifications by airport code. See Example U.S. Airport Status and DelaysReview information about airport status and delays across the entire National Airspace System (NAS), or look up the status of a particular airport to plan your travel schedule. See Example See Example Advisory Circular (AC) LookupFind and read advisory circulars to help you comply with FAA regulations. See Example See Example Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) LocatorLocate the closest offices based on your current location, if you have Location Services enabled on your device. You can also locate FSDOs by region or by office name. See Example See Example Wildlife Strike ReportingReport an aircraft wildlife strike or edit an existing wildlife strike report. See Example Laser Strike ReportingReport a laser strike or laser incident. See Example News and Press ReleasesRead the three most recent FAA news stories and press releases. See Example
Supported Platforms and Devices FAA Mobile 1.1 fully supports iOS 4 and higher as well as Android 2.2 and higher. The Blackberry (RIM), Windows Mobile, and WebOS platforms are untested. If you view FAA Mobile on one of those platforms, your user experience may not be optimal.
Below is a list of tested devices that are compatible with FAA Mobile 1.1. Keep in mind that other devices may be supported, but not tested as part of the formal FAA Mobile quality assurance program.
iOS 4+ PhonesiPhone 4S iPhone 4 iPhone 3GS
iOS 4+ TabletiPad
Android 2.2+ PhonesGalaxy Nexus Motorola Droid Droid X Droid 2 Global HTC EVO Samsung Captivate
Android 3.1 TabletSamsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Note: FAA Mobile is not designed for browsers on laptops or desktop machines.
Call us toll-free, 24 hours a day1-866-TELL-FAA(1-866-825-5322)
Regulation violations?Aircraft incidents?Unapproved parts?Call the Safety Hotline1-800-255-1111

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727 Landing

Check out this video on YouTube:

Hawker executive jet snap-rolled - Bad outcome....Or how to spend a few...


  I'd say Hawker builds a pretty strong airplane, both pilots survived and the wings are still ON IT !!



Hawker executive jet... snap rolled 3-4 times 

It came from Mexico back to FXE, the captain that flew it back was a licensed Mexican pilot, no FAA licenses or ratings. Captain was hired as a contract pilot just for this trip. The co-pilot was from here and he was also just used as a contract pilot to get the plane back here. When they got back to FXE where the owner was waiting, of course they flipped out as the plane rolled into parking. The captain or the co- pilot had no idea YET of the damage that was caused. When asked, "What happened?" He apparently at some point said he made a hard landing. YET, the tires and gear were perfect. The FAA and insurance company had questioned them on what happened and they stuck to that story for 9 days. Finally, the co-pilot talked (good for him BTW). He said the Captain wanted to snap roll it...not aileron roll it....SNAP ROLL it like a Pitts. Supposedly it was done 3-4 times. By this time, when the co-pilot talked, the captain had gone back to Mexico. Not sure yet what the FAA is going to do with the co-pilot though. He'll probably get a pass, he was just flying with a lunatic captain.
They did roll it 4 times. What caused all the damage was when on the last two rolls, the pilot got scared and cranked the yoke back the other way to stop the roll and go back to upright. He got about halfway around and got scared and jerked it back real hard, that's what twisted everything, instead of continuing the roll in the original direction. What's funny is, he got scared on roll #3, then tried again and got scared again, so it was hardcore twisted two times. 
Its being checked out. I heard it was very low-time and only a few years old. Not sure on that. I certainly wouldn't fly it after seeing what I saw, no way. Maybe someone with more accurate or detailed info can chime in. 

Ripples are 1-2 inches deep and they run almost the entire length of the plane on both sides. The windows weren't level anymore when you stood back and looked at them. I heard it torqued so bad that the interior galley drawers and cabinets were jammed and wouldn't open. Don't know if that s true. 

Different angle: 

You can see the area just above the wing roots; they are rippled from leading edge to trailing edge. I can tell you, where the wings mate to the fuse, it's like ripple city and the rivets/screws looked like they were riding on waves. In between each window, the same ripples as the other side. 

Spoke with the mechanics working on it today. Still actually not sure if it will fly again, they are still tearing into it. Found out yesterday that the right wing is history, bent beyond repair. You can actually see it up close, where the aluminum is actually stretched and separating at some points. 

This wing is trashed and the wing root is twisted. 

Hard to see here in the pic, but it's a very obvious wrinkle in the nose cone, right side. They haven't gotten to that part of the frame yet.

Left side was the worst. Windows may never be perfectly even.

The bottom of the tail cone area had a bend in it and some wrinkles. Empennage may be bent inside, still checking. 

Engines were ok, pylons were ok, but a couple mounts are being replaced because of stress. They haven't even checked the airframe around the windscreens yet, that could be the deal breaker. 


Flying gyrocycle

"Smiling Jack" G/W --Zack Mosley QB # 6493

        Hi Guys----   It's long but you might find some of it interesting. RR

                                         This article  appeared in the Stuart News this week, in kind of a "Blast From The Past" type thing, they are featuring in the                                                                                                                          Stuart News about "Stuart  Old Timers" of note. .

                JUST FYI------ What  cannot REALLY BE  EMPHASIZED enough,  is that Zack made it from a  BOY, in a hick town in Oklahoma, to achieving national name recognition,                                                        ENTIRELY  on his own---- his own imagination, drawing skill/talent, guts, and drive.----- He had no help from his parents at all. I repeat  "none at all"--                                             inspirationally nor  financially.   My  Dad was not a successful man when it came to making money.--- Also Zack was the most wonderfully generous                                                       person I have ever known, and I never heard of a person that did not like Zack. AND, Like WILL ROGERS ( another "Well Loved                                                                                     Okie"), Zack  liked everyone he met also.                                                                                                                                      
                                                Zack was more like a father to me than a brother, what with being 16 years older than I.  Zack made my whole flying career possible.-----                                                                      
                                              NO I"M  NOT DRINKING-------. I JUST LOVED THE GUY.                                                                                              

Bloomington Herald-Times: IU News Room: Indiana University

Saba Is landing

Subject: Saba Is landing

Fwd: Beautiful new glider----versatile

Subject: Beautiful new glider----versatile

Good video of a very neat glider. Shows the various forms of taking off and landing a glider. Run downhill, tow truck, catapult, tow plane, land on wheels or feet on pavement or grass


Subject: military-planes-escort-cessna-out-presidential-air/

Cessna 175 crash from inside plane

Subject: Cessna 175 crash from inside plane

Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...