Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 27th flyout to Shelbyville comments

Thanks to the recommendation of our incoming President, Bill Allen, we had a successful fly-out on Saturday morning Nov. 27.  Ten brave souls and five planes ventured to Shelbyville, where were picked up by van and transported to Indiana Live! casino for a fabulous lunch buffet.  After eating like we had all missed Thanksgiving, a few brave souls toured the casino.  Not a big gambling group, most were headed back to Bloomington by early afternoon.  Except of course one lone aircraft that did not want to leave and wouldn’t start!  Not naming names, but the Piper Cherokee (black & white) finally decided to start after some much appreciated help from the folks at Shelbyville airport.  All in all, a great fly-out.  Thanks for scheduling it Bill!!
 --Terry Eads

 Evelyn and I wish to express our thanks to all involved, especially our  host pilot David, for a wonderful adventure Saturday.  Glad to hear our  friends in the Cherokee made it home safely.

 Here is an interesting video about repairing another plane:

 The other film clips listed below it include a nice piece on Short's  amphibians.

 Blue skies,  Russ Ryle

Congrats to the hardy souls. See you all at the Christmas Party. I will be 9:00am sharp this Saturday at KBMG to drop off the minutes book, I have to then go to INDH to work. It is Christmas and I have no life, I work for the big Purple Elf.
Peter Zabriskie

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Bob Hoover Interview clips

Bob Hoover

"The best stick and rudder pilot I ever knew."

                        Jimmy Doolittle

rare and unusual WWII photos

Edwards 09 Air Show

Missing Spitfire Ace found



Drones Get Ready to Fly, Unseen, Into Everyday Life

From the Wall Street Journal


Largest Airplane in the world

This site has an interesting collection of pictures and data.

The link should take you to the AN-225


Friday, November 19, 2010

B-17 pictures from Barratt's Friend

 Barratt has a friend who sent along a few pictures to share, with this comment, 'We did 2 photo shoots yesterday for our Veteran's Day event. I was fortunate enough to be Flight Engineer on both flights. Here are a couple shots from the shoot. Hope you enjoy!'

Thursday, November 18, 2010

color Japanese gun camera footage

Recently declassified color gun camera footage from the Japanese theater of World War II has emerged. The clips are some of the clearest images seen from the era. Set to haunting music, the collection of clips begins with aerial dogfights and then moves on to strafing attacks. In one clip, people are seen running for cover.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

B-17 video Smithville

Everyone:  click on this link, then click on Salute to Veterans and watch this video of our WWII Reception.  It was done by the guy that purchased a British flag in honor of his grandfather, and of course his colleagues.  It is exceptional and a great momento of our day.  I will be getting a copy of this and we can distribute to anyone that wants it.  He is also going to give me a lot of pictures that were taken that day as well.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Ain't Misbehavin Video

CAF logo
Jesse Frey
"Ain't Misbehavin"

         Video of Jesse Frey's reunion with his P51 Mustang "Ain't Misbehavin" to play. The you tube link is below.
         The Indiana Wing of the Commemorative Air Force  (CAF) also cordially invites you to join us for our Annual Valentine's Day Dinner Dance.
         The dance will be on February 12, 2011 next year at 6 pm, we will celebrate Valentine's Day in the spirit of a 1940s era USO gala.
          As always, the hanger promises World War II combat aircraft and military vehicles and many new and old friends interested in aviation history.
         DVD version of Jesse's video will be available at next years dance.
Col CJ "Wink" Winkler, CAF

Friday, November 12, 2010

homebuilt engine failure

Engine quits and student lands on road.

Fwd: Edwards AFB Open House & Air Show

Fellow Aircraft Buffs,
This show is really comprehensive. Take your time and enjoy it. (Don't forget to click on the sound bar insets).

Edwards AFB Open House



Fellow Aircraft Buffs,
This show is really comprehensive. Take your time and enjoy it. (Don't forget to click on the sound bar insets).

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

F4U raised from Lake Michigan



A World War II plane is back on dry land, after sitting at the bottom of Lake Michigan for nearly 70 years.
The Birdcage Corsair plane was built in the 1930s, and crashed during aircraft carrier training for the war.
“It went into the water and to my knowledge there is not a single surviving example of this aircraft anywhere in the world,” said explained Retired Navy Captain Ed Ellis of the National Aviation Museum Foundation, which is part of the effort.
Around 10:30 a.m., the plane was pulled from the water at Larsen Marine at Waukegan Harbor.
Over the years, A&T Recovery has salvaged 31 World War II era planes from the lake, of which the Birdcage Corsair is the latest.
A&T Recovery’s Taras Lyssenko and Al Olsen studied maps of crashes and located about 100 planes, something the Navy couldn’t do itself.
“These aircraft were older aircraft, a lot of them, as this Corsair was. They had mechanical problems, they had fuel problems, they had pilot error, they had a little bit of everything that led to them going into the water,” Ellis said.

The recovery of this aircraft and others is the continuation of a program begun in the 1990s to recover and preserve Navy aircraft lost in World War II, Navy Capt. Robert Rasmussen, director of the National Naval Aviation Museum, said upon the recovery of another plane last year.
Over the years, the effort has recovered more than 30 vintage aircraft, Rasmussen said last year.
Many of the planes are on display at aviation museums or other public venues across the country, including O’Hare and Midway airports.
Agencies began recovering lost planes in the late 1980s, but the process was on hold for the last 12 years until Navy officials pushed for its resumption.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

My Kinda Woman!!


Gladys Ingles was a member of a barnstorming troupe called the 13 Black Cats in the 1920s. Ingles was a wing walker; in this film, she shows her fearlessness in a classic barnstorming fashion to save an airplane that has lost one of its main wheels. Ingles is shown with a replacement wheel being strapped to her back and then off she goes as "Up She Goes," a duet from the era, provides the soundtrack. In the video, Ingles transfers herself from the rescue plane to the one sans main gear tire. She then expertly works herself down to the undercarriage only a few feet from a spinning prop. It's certainly a feat many mechanics wouldn't even try on the ground with the engine running.

fwd by Bill Harrington

from EAA650 My Great iMovie!

My latest and greatest iMovie is now available on YouTube. You can view it at:

My First Project


B17 2010

After you click on the link below,
Click on the pictures or use the Slide Show tool to view the pictures.


If you have any pictures you can share, send them along.

FW: Great watch - Top 10 Low Pass Flyby's of All Time

This is the new and improved version

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Peter Zabriskie Photos


Click the link to get to the pictures, click the pictures to see the full version.

Presidential Message

            What a wonderful weekend, (I hope you all noticed I did not say ordeal).  We have a ton of members that put in a tremendous amount of work to pull off this B-17 Salute to Veterans weekend.  Richard and I thank you and salute you all. Was it worth it?  All you had to do was see the smiles and tears of gratitude from the folks that got to fly as they came off the plane. The emotions, the stories, the patriotism,- there were times when there was no way I could even speak.  We provided a great service to our WW II vets, the airport, the EAA, and the surrounding towns.   Selflessness in a cause greater than ourselves is always a positive growth experience and the opportunity presented itself to us this weekend.

             By Saturday our sales had already exceeded the entire Atlanta, GA tour stop.  The entire B-17 crew was extremely happy and grateful for the effort we put in.  You noticed they all jumped into the 17 to do the stadium fly-by.  That was probably a first for this EAA program.  I simply cannot find the words to adequately commend and thank all of you who participated.  And I will never remember everyone that was there.  But I have to try:    Lenny flew in from Mass., just to do his part.  Tim had the idea for the fly-by and the three amigos- Bruce, Bob, and Barratt made it happen along with phone calls from Dick.  I would ask all our membership to personally thank Bruce for all the incredible effort he put forward to do the paperwork, cut through the red tape, and make it happen.  If you believe, they will come.

            Our cause was just and the weather cooperated.  Lots of folks put in long hours. Russ, Nate, Bill, Melinda, Jim, Richard, Aga, Peggy, Ruth, Jessica, Tim and my other brother Tim, Barratt, the Ryles, Ralph, Doug, Bill Harrington and his white rocket, Pete, Ed Yess, Jim Stark, Bob Kelly, John Steere, Mike Combs, Dick, Ron, Bob, Bill-- even Willis braved the cold.  We also had a host of non- member volunteers.  However if we are to remember this 2010 B-17 event we must first think of Jack and Terry Eads.  The WW II Vet reception and the Field of Honor was totally their idea and they worked unbelievably to make both a fabulous success.  I thank you and would encourage all our members to do the same over the next few weeks.  Few people kept from crying during the flag presentations.  Did you see the lone American flag at half mast?  One of our flag folders and presenters lost his best friend in Afghanistan the night before.  Chapter 650 gave this flag in honor and appreciation for a fallen hero.  Never before has there been a country where liberty is considered such a precious gift that it must be preserved at all costs.  Never before have so many owed so much to their fellow citizens who answered the call.  The spirit of this presenter was one of the most uplifting things I have witnessed in years.  He had just lost his best friend, a comrade he served with.  Yet except for a brief, emotional time out from public view, he stood at attention, did his duty, and made his entire country proud.  Where do we come up with such quality individuals?

            As I sit here typing this, the 17 has now landed in KY, my body is exhausted, and my brain is jelly.  But I am totally enthused.  TOTALLY SATISFIED.  WE DID IT.  
            Nothing in this physical world is ever perfect, but after going through a cooperative group experience like this, one cannot help but notice how fine it feels to be a human being, an American, and a grateful child of God.  Thank you for this.

Your Not Yet Impeached, but Retiring President,


Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...