Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November 27th flyout to Shelbyville comments

Thanks to the recommendation of our incoming President, Bill Allen, we had a successful fly-out on Saturday morning Nov. 27.  Ten brave souls and five planes ventured to Shelbyville, where were picked up by van and transported to Indiana Live! casino for a fabulous lunch buffet.  After eating like we had all missed Thanksgiving, a few brave souls toured the casino.  Not a big gambling group, most were headed back to Bloomington by early afternoon.  Except of course one lone aircraft that did not want to leave and wouldn’t start!  Not naming names, but the Piper Cherokee (black & white) finally decided to start after some much appreciated help from the folks at Shelbyville airport.  All in all, a great fly-out.  Thanks for scheduling it Bill!!
 --Terry Eads

 Evelyn and I wish to express our thanks to all involved, especially our  host pilot David, for a wonderful adventure Saturday.  Glad to hear our  friends in the Cherokee made it home safely.

 Here is an interesting video about repairing another plane:

 The other film clips listed below it include a nice piece on Short's  amphibians.

 Blue skies,  Russ Ryle

Congrats to the hardy souls. See you all at the Christmas Party. I will be 9:00am sharp this Saturday at KBMG to drop off the minutes book, I have to then go to INDH to work. It is Christmas and I have no life, I work for the big Purple Elf.
Peter Zabriskie

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