Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Supersonic Sound

Subj: Supersonic Flight

An excellent video in which you can actually see the phenomenon of supersonic flight.

Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary Air Show 2010

Sixteen (16) Spitfires and four Hurricanes -  Battle of Britain 70th Anniversary Air Show.  What a wonderful sight!

An Interesting Way To Go Flying

The 'Eureka' is one of a new breed of lighter than air ships manufactured by the Zeppelin Luftschifftechnik GmbH, and operated by Airship Ventures. Based out of Moffett Field (in Mountain View, CA), the Eureka offers sight-seeing rides of the Bay Area and Monterey.

From the Light Sport Expo a la Bill H

Fresh from Light Sport Expo

This "Screaming Eagle" Knows His Stuff...

   This "Screaming Eagle" Knows His Stuff... Michigan Football and a Paratrooper?   "Loads of Fun" Distribution   This is simply incredible.   Today's diversion allows you to watch a US Army Paratrooper dive out of an aircraft to bring a football to the kick-off of a University of Michigan football game.  And he hits his target!  YOU WILL SEE THIS FROM A CAMERA LOCATED ON THE PARATROOPER'S HELMET.    I have never seen anything like it.   NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THE CROWD AS HE GET CLOSER TO THE STADIUM.   At the end, hang on, because you will then see what it looked like from the ground camera looking up.   This is located at the WIRED magazine website.  You must scroll down the page a little to the video once you get to the page.   Your three-minute diversion for a Monday morning from one of our beloved members in Youngstown, OH.   (We get so much good stuff from there!)   LINK>  http://www.wired.com/playbook/2010/10/Michigan-parachute-game-ball/    (MAY REQUIRE CUT AND PASTE.)   HANG ON . . 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lindbergh video compilation

Win Perkins, a real estate appraiser who specializes in airport properties, has posted on his web site a video he created of Charles Lindbergh's famous and risky takeoff/flight in the Spirit of   St. Louis on the competitive trip to Paris .

According to Perkins, this is unlike any other presentation of the takeoff footage.

Perkins said he "painstakingly assembled news footage from five cameras that filmed Lindbergh's takeoff from Roosevelt Field,   Long Island "and "mixed it with enhanced audio from the same newsreel sources."
This is one of the most interesting videos I've seen come over the Internet.

When you click on the address below, Episode #3 (out of 4) comes up ready to play.

I suggest you first click on CONTACT in the menu list on the left side of the instrument panel and select Episode #1, and start it by clicking on the screen.  Select "Contact" after each clip to choose the next one.

Then watch them in order, #1 through #4.

side by side landing view

DC-7B Restoration Project.

We've all seen e-mails about this airplane but this one tells the whole story. A must read...

From the Historical Flight Foundation. An article about the restoration project and last year's inaugural airshow season.  If you'd like, you can link it to the HFF website.  Included lots of photos that have been collected over the past 6 ½ years.


Also check out this link on the Lockheed Constellation and Super Connie.


Fwd: Jet Man & The Breitling Wingwalkers

Subject: Jet Man & The Breitling Wingwalkers
Date: Saturday, January 1, 2011, 9:14 PM

'Jet Man' Yves Rossy flies in formation
with the Breitling Wingwalkers. Watch
in HD and Full Screen:
Enjoy ...
Take care.

- - - Charlie

If it weren't for the United States military,
there'd be NO United States of America.

Stearnie's BushCaddy

From: idahoharry@gmail.com

Sternie is an active member of the JAC Hangar--The most active guy  I have ever known for his age--90+ and He is just as sharp upstairs now as He wwas when I first met him some 10-15 years ago.

For those of you who have visited us in Jackson/Wilson … Clarence Stearns is a local legend … He owned and ran the Wilson Store, or "Stearnie's" for longer than I can remember … and built a little log cabin next door for his pet project.  Stearnie was a B-17 pilot, who spent a good part of the war in a German concentration camp … and when he returned to Wilson he was determined he would fly again … so started building a homebuilt amphibian in the cabin next to his store … you'd see the light burning in the cabin every night, all winter, as he struggled to stay ahead of the homebuilt company's plan changes … and then he and his wife Dodie, would take off for their cabin in Saskatchewan … where'd they'd spend all summer on a a lake with only one other cabin … taking their canoes on two-week trips into the wilderness … just Stearnie and Dodie … in their 70's .. and then 80's … and then come home and try to catch up on building that little amphibian. 

Well, a few years ago Stearnie decided that if he was ever going to take flight again, he'd better look for a plane that was a little closer to flying … and the 'rest of the story' is well described on the website below …

Stearnie, now 90,  and Dodie will be taking the BushCaddy back to Canada to Lake Ithingo again this Summer … If you're flying something on floats south of Lake Athabaska, stop by 55-60N  107-33W and look for the little cabin in the crook of the lake …  If the Stearns are out canoeing, leave a note .. like we did a couple of summers ago (another story!) …

Be sure to click on the photos to get a good look at that great plane .. and Stearnie's broad smile!!


Extreme Flying, 774-8 Style


Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...