Tuesday, January 25, 2011

This "Screaming Eagle" Knows His Stuff...

   This "Screaming Eagle" Knows His Stuff... Michigan Football and a Paratrooper?   "Loads of Fun" Distribution   This is simply incredible.   Today's diversion allows you to watch a US Army Paratrooper dive out of an aircraft to bring a football to the kick-off of a University of Michigan football game.  And he hits his target!  YOU WILL SEE THIS FROM A CAMERA LOCATED ON THE PARATROOPER'S HELMET.    I have never seen anything like it.   NOW LISTEN CAREFULLY TO THE CROWD AS HE GET CLOSER TO THE STADIUM.   At the end, hang on, because you will then see what it looked like from the ground camera looking up.   This is located at the WIRED magazine website.  You must scroll down the page a little to the video once you get to the page.   Your three-minute diversion for a Monday morning from one of our beloved members in Youngstown, OH.   (We get so much good stuff from there!)   LINK>  http://www.wired.com/playbook/2010/10/Michigan-parachute-game-ball/    (MAY REQUIRE CUT AND PASTE.)   HANG ON . .