Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Chapter Visits Joe Crowe

Back in November, Chapter 650 went over to Joe Crowe's place to see how his new plane is coming along.
Joe does not have a lot of extra space, and uses what he has well.

Joe's fit and finish are remarkable.
Can't wait to see this one on the ramp, and in the air. Thanks for having us over Joe.

Lee Bottom 05

I got a couple pictures from Lee Bottom this year.
The weather was not great this year early, but cleared up enough to allow a good turnout. Steve brought the Staggerwing out. When he left he made a low pass that turned all heads.

The T-6 driver made several low passes, and got lower on each one. By the time he made this one, I had the timing worked out to get a pretty good freeze frame.

Rosalie touched down with some Chapter 650 people aboard. The food was good, the planes were plentiful. Looking forward to next year. Tim

Monday, January 16, 2006

Some Naval Verses Posted on behalf of T. Sparks

The Gospel According to St. Fresnel of the Miraculous Lens

Chapter One, Verses One through Six

1. In the Beginning, God created the Aircraft Carrier, and the seas
upon which it floateth; and yet there was complete Darkness upon the
face of the earth. And, as we traveled, there came to us, as a voice
out of the darkness, an Angel of the Lord, saying, "On centerline, on
glideslope, three quarters of a mile, call the ball." I reflected upon
these words, for I was still yet engulfed in complete darkness. With
deep feeling and doubt overwhelming my countenance, I glanceth towards
my companion at my right hand and saith, "What seeth thou, trusted
friend?", and there was a great silence. Gazing in a searching manner
and seeing naught, my companion saith, "Nothing but darkness above and darkness below."

2. And God spoke to me, and He said, "Low ball....power". As the Lord
saith, so shall it be, and I added power; and lo, the ball riseth up
onto the bottom of the mirror. But, alas, it had a tainted flashing red
glow, and surely indicateth Satan's own malignant influence. And God
spoke to me again in a loud insistent voice saying, "Power...Power,
Power!!!!" And lo, the ball riseth up and off the top of the lens, and
once more the great evil darkness was upon me.

3. And the voice of the Angel came to me again, saying, "When twelve
hundred feet, turn downwind." Whereupon I wandered in the darkness,
abandoned and without direction, for surely the great ship's RADAR was
beset by demons. There was great confusion in my heart and then there
was a great silence in which there was no comfort to be found. Even my
TACAN needle spinneth......and lo, there was chaos; my trusted
right-seat companion weepeth quietly unto himself and from close behind
I heard weeping and gnashing of teeth of our flock. There was a great
turmoil within my EA-6B cockpit for a multitude of serpents had crept

4. And though we wandered, as if guided by Providence, I found myself
within that Holy Corridor and at twelve hundred feet seeking refuge for
myself and my bretheren; and the voice of the Angel of the Lord came to
me again, asking of me my needles, and I raised my voice saying, "Up
and centered", and the voice answered, "Roger, fly your needles...." I
reflected upon these words, and I raised my voice in prayer, for though
my gyro indicateth it not so, surely my wings hath been turned upside
down. Verily, as Beelzebub surely wrestled with me, a voice, that of my
trusted companion, saith to me calmly, " thy needles, and
find comfort in the Lord." And lo, with deep trembling in my heart, I
did, and He guideth me to the glideslope and centerline, though I know
not how it came to be.

5. And out of the great darkness, God spoke to me again and I replied:
"Roger ball" for now I had faith, mine eyes have been opened and seeth
the magnificent orange ball within a frame of green. And though the
ball began to rise as I cometh to the gates of heaven, my left hand was
full of the Spirit, and it squeeketh off power and as in a great
miracle we hath forthwith stoppeth in heaven, for we hath caught the
four wire which God, in his infinite wisdom, hath placed thirty feet
further down the deck than the three wire.

6. And thus bathed in a golden radiance from above, our pilgrimage was
at an end, and my spirit was truly reborn and ready to again take
flight among the angels of heaven. And as I basked in the rapture, God
spoketh to me one final time, and He saith in a loud voice, "Lights out
on deck". Thus did I taxi forward.

7. Though I frequently walk through the valley of the shadow of death,
I have no fear, for I am a 26 year old Naval Aviator and I am
absolutely BULLETPROOF!!!

Amen, Tom H.

Too old to Fly

Or drive a motorcycle?

Posted on behalf of Mike Combs.


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Send-off for Jason Ideus

EAA 650 members got together on Saturday, January 14 to give a send-off to Jason Ideus as he progresses up the ladder in his aviation career. We all knew he would do so, one of these months very soon, but it didn't make it any easier to say adieu to him. Jason was given a very good offer (as well he should have been given!) by Pinnacle Airlines, an airline whose system is tied in to Northwest Airlines. He'll be training in Memphis and soon fly the beautiful regional jets -- check out how Northwest's look at

Official business verbiage about Pinnacle says the company "...provides airline capacity to Northwest Airlines, Inc, at its hub airports in Detroit, Minneapolis/St. Paul, and Memphis. As of May 3, 2005, the company operated an all-jet fleet of 130 Canadair Regional Jets and offers scheduled passenger service with 682 daily departures to 111 cities in 36 states and 4 Canadian provinces. The company was founded in 1985 and is headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee."

Jason's stellar flying and his teaching qualities have touched many of us.
When a person decides to take on flying lessons, and asks who to train with, area pilots say emphatically: "Jason Ideus." When a pilot moves to the Bloomington area, and asks who is the best instructor to go up with to learn common practices for the field and area quirks, and EVERYONE says, "Oh, you want to fly with Jason Ideus." ...well, that says it all.
We know Jason will do fabulously. We know he hasn't even come close to reaching the pinnacle he'll reach in his aviation career.
Jason, first, thank you for being a stellar instructor, fine pilot and an all around good guy. You've served BMG, IU, and the EAA Chapter quite well. Second, as so many of us told you, "Don't forget us little guys when you're one of the big guys. We want you to come back and see us at every chance." Finally, Jason, please accept a hearty and heartful congratulations from all of us.
- Rosalie

Saturday, January 14, 2006

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Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...