Monday, April 01, 2013

Science Olympiad - Thank You

This just in perhaps this would be worthwhile to post on the EAA 650 website. Special thanks to the guys and girls who were there to help out.
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From: Gilliland, Tina

Subject: Science Olympiad - Thank You

Dear Tim, I want to offer my most sincere thanks to you for coordinating the Helicopters & Elastic Launched Gliders competition at the 2013 Science Olympiad State Tournament.  IU Bloomington has a reputation of being the best host site for the state tournament.  That reputation is very well deserved – we have state-of-the-art facilities and the best event supervisors and volunteers in the State!  As I continually emphasize to the coaches and students, the event supervisors & volunteers are what make the tournament tick.  Without you, Science Olympiad tournaments simply would not exist. I hope the time, talent and creativity you expended on your end paid off with a fun and rewarding day.  I have already received many thank you notes from coaches who have commented on the fun, challenging and fair events at the tournament.  Coach's Comments:"Thank you for such a wonderful tournament.  As you know, this was the first time John Adams qualified for the state tournament.  The students were told that IU runs a wonderful tournament, and this was the year to go for it.  You did not disappoint.  Sitting them up front was a special treat.  They were all leaning forward and peering down at the orchestra pit when the trophies came up.  We have several juniors on the team.  They are all thinking about college.  I know we have two students who at this point were essentially "sold" on IU over the weekend--complete with buying a few IU sweatshirts and t-shirts to bring home. I know that organizing a tournament at the level that IU does takes a phenomenal effort on the part of many people.  I just wanted to let you know from someone who hasn't had her own children involved in the program for six years and came back to coach a new team that all your efforts are sincerely appreciated.  These kids had an experience that they will remember for many, many years to come!"Beth Kern, John Adams High School "Thanks so much to you and your team.  It has been a couple of years since McCutcheon made the trip to Bloomington, and the day did not disappoint.  I cannot imagine the view from your office, but clearly there are many hours spent preparing for this wonderful event. .  I am also pleased that I had a parent show interest by attending the awards, and it appears I may have a co-teacher bitten by the Science Olympiad bug!  Once you see the kids enjoying science outside of textbooks and classrooms, it is hard to not jump on board.  My fingers are crossed to improve our program! Again, thanks for a great day!"  Cheryl McLean, McCutcheon High School "Thank you for a great Saturday. We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Although we didn't medal :-( we were close on a few. The competition is extremely stiff and for our tiny little country school, I think we did well for our first visit to the State Finals. The Awards Ceremony was great and made the kids hungry for next year! I was worried that they would become discouraged by not medaling, but it did just the opposite. I feel the hype of the awards helped!" Troy Evert & Chris Turk, Mt. Vernon High School "Thank you for organizing Science Olympiad's state competition again this year. The experience was fun, challenging, and instructional for all of my students. I appreciate the enormous amount of work and planning that went into this and am grateful for everyone who helped you make it successful."Monica Yacko & Stephanie Kite, Clifford Pierce Middle School  I applaud your commitment to science education and I hope I will have the pleasure of working with you again in the future.  Kudos to you and congratulations on making the 2013 tournament a huge success...we couldn't do it without you! Warmest regards,Tina Tina GillilandOutreach LiaisonIndiana UniversityCollege of Arts and
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