Monday, April 01, 2013

"Smiling Jack" G/W --Zack Mosley QB # 6493

        Hi Guys----   It's long but you might find some of it interesting. RR

                                         This article  appeared in the Stuart News this week, in kind of a "Blast From The Past" type thing, they are featuring in the                                                                                                                          Stuart News about "Stuart  Old Timers" of note. .

                JUST FYI------ What  cannot REALLY BE  EMPHASIZED enough,  is that Zack made it from a  BOY, in a hick town in Oklahoma, to achieving national name recognition,                                                        ENTIRELY  on his own---- his own imagination, drawing skill/talent, guts, and drive.----- He had no help from his parents at all. I repeat  "none at all"--                                             inspirationally nor  financially.   My  Dad was not a successful man when it came to making money.--- Also Zack was the most wonderfully generous                                                       person I have ever known, and I never heard of a person that did not like Zack. AND, Like WILL ROGERS ( another "Well Loved                                                                                     Okie"), Zack  liked everyone he met also.                                                                                                                                      
                                                Zack was more like a father to me than a brother, what with being 16 years older than I.  Zack made my whole flying career possible.-----                                                                      
                                              NO I"M  NOT DRINKING-------. I JUST LOVED THE GUY.                                                                                              

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