Thursday, June 08, 2006

Science Olympiad

Thanks for your help!!!! For those of you here for the first time I think you will agree this is a really neat event to participate in, My only complaint is that there wasn't Science Oly when I was in High School!

Results are
High School Wright Stuff:
1. Oak Ridge HS Tenn. 5,06.0
2. Chugial HS Alaska 4,41.4
3. Grand Haven HS Mich 4,32.6

Middle School Balloon Launch Glider
1. Lake Shore MS Mich 1,51.9
2. Chardon MS Ohio 1,50.0
3. Beardon MS TN 1,25.8

If you got a chance to examine the first place airplane in Wright Stuff, what a work of art! As close to perfection I have seen at this level of competition. Most impressive for our future leaders in America

Now down to business, I would like your inputs on things we could have done better, I'm Navy trained with a thick skin and I am more than happy for take your constructive criticisms as I know the spirit it is intended. Flame ON!

Once again Thanks for your help and I will come calling for your help next year. It will be the state championship most likely in April of 07

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