Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Sikeston Flyout Lambert's Cafe ala John Hayes


Saturday, November 1st, dawned a warm sunny fall morning. The hills were adorned in their fall splendor, the winds were calm, the sky was clear, and the donuts and coffee were rapidly disappearing in the Sisco/ Jacobs hangar. Due to the efforts of Bill Allen, our official flyout coach and group motivator, 22 members and guests gathered at 8:30 a.m. to plan and execute a ten plane caravan with the aim of subduing growling stomachs at the infamous Lambert’s, thrown yeast rolls in your face, restaurant in Sikeston, MO.
Attending aircraft ranged from a Cessna 140 up to a Cessna 310 with a couple of Mooneys, a Glastar, a 172, and a few 150’s sprinkled in. The slower ships launched first with most everyone airborne by 9:30 or so. The Cardinal express deemed visibility through the windscreen a reasonable preflight item and so brought up the rear with a late start.
Lamberts provided courtesy van pickup at the airport, (SIK), and required two trips to handle the Indiana contingent whose aircraft basically filled up the ramp. Being of the preferred species known as aviators, restaurant staff brought us in the back and seated us immediately and ahead of the growing line of patrons. Those with faster aircraft arrived first and were seated first. (Umm…. Maybe I need a Lancair.)
Lamberts is famous for cartloads of fresh yeast rolls, hot out of the oven, being distributed by aerial assault to the diners at each table. How many of you guys failed to catch yours? The menu was full of southern style cooked meats and vegetables with waiters constantly offering extra buckets full of apple butter, black eyed peas, macaronis, and beans at each table.
A great time and meal was had by all such that many of our smaller craft were probably doing an over gross weight takeoff for the return trip home. ( Psst… Don’t worry I won’t mention any names Jack and Willis.) In addition to the great views both flights that day included entertainment by the constant chatter between pilots on 122.75 which kept everyone apprised of our progress. During our flight back to BMG one Cessna had a short battle with a slug of water running through the engine and had to make a precautionary landing. The matter was resolved and everyone made it back safe and sound with just that little extra dose of excitement thrown in to stimulate digestion.
This was a very fine, well attended EAA flyout. If you missed it definitely try to catch the next one. We found seats for all who wished to go. To hear all the great details just ask any of us that were there.

John Hayes

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