Saturday, January 30, 2010

Re: 70,000 ft. in a U-2 spy plane

This is pretty cool footage of a U2 climbing out to 70,000 ft AGL and landing.  

(Sorry if you already know this) but the British guy is talking about things boiling - at those altitudes and with your body temp of 98.6F, your blood would boil if you lost even a little cabin pressure. 

As you can see this Kelly Johnson machine was nothing but a glider with a BIG engine (and very good cameras) - there has always been a story circulating among my aerospace friends that a U2 had an engine quit over Alaska (not sure where) and he was able to glide back to Sacramento, CA.   Do I believe it?  Maybe....  Pretty heavy glider, but then so is the Space Shuttle.

PS:  Can you believe this company went on to make the SR-71?

This video is a once in a lifetime experience of a British civilian getting a
flight at over 70,000 ft. in a U-2 spy plane.  Please note at the take-off
the assist wheels on the outer edges of the wings which drop off upon
take-off.  The wings are so long that they need temporary support until
lift-off.  What is not shown is at the landing the plane actually slows to
a small enough speed that two guys are actually able to grab the wing tips
and put those assist wheels back on.

The civilian getting the ride is the host of the car show on BBC shown
through Europe .  The views are spectacular as the U-2 flies at altitudes
which constitute "SPACE."

It's worth investing 10 minutes of your time

Use your full screen and sound as this is a high-quality film clip, 10 minutes long. --

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