Friday, July 16, 2010

Texas Racing Results from Tim Sparks

I was informed that I sent the last one without the pictures I'll try again. This is my 237 MPH model airplane used in racing. It is a powered by a 200CC twin cly engine developing about 30 HP. I placed second with it at the Texas race last weekend (25-27 Jun) in Herne TX. It was unbelievably hot with heat indexes around 110F. Suffice it to say it was quite a challenge for me and my caller Bobby Slaughter, I posted a personal best time of 1:20 seconds for the course (3.6 miles) against some of the best pilots in the world. For more info on this type of racing,
All the best, Tim

Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...