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B-24 bombers - One Every 55 minutes.

Subject: B-24 bombers - One Every 55 minutes (A

B-24 bombers - One Every 55 minutes     

       Willow Run Bomber  Plant  Video
        Henry Ford was determined that he  could mass produce bombers just as he had done with cars. He built the  Willow Run assembly plant and proved it. It was the world's largest  building under one roof. even then FORD HAD A BETTER IDEA!

This  film will absolutely blow you away - one B-24 every 55 minutes. ADOLF  HITLER HAD NO IDEA THE U.S. WAS CAPABLE OFTHIS KIND  OF THING.  There is no way he could have even guessed.

For those who live outside of Michigan, Willow Run is near Bellville, Canton and Ypsilanti, MI

It's amazing that one B-24  (built with over 1.225 million parts) came off the assembly line every  55 minutes

Take a few minutes to watch this snapshot of  history.
         bomber_plant.wmv <

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