Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fwd: First US jet

This is a video of the first US jet, way back in Oct 1942. . It is a classic piece of film I certainly never knew existed. I wasn't even aware that America HAD a jet that early in the war: 10 months after Pearl Harbor!

You will enjoy this great clip of history. .

America's first jet flight, Oct 1942.


This is a very interesting little piece of historical film. It covers
America 's entry into the Jet Age with the Bell P59A.

Note: My favorite part is about the installation of a $2 doorbell ringer
to the dash of the P59A to provide vibration so the gauges wouldn't stick.
Ya' gotta' love it....  Also, make sure to read the comments, additionally very interesting.  Remember, this was 1942.

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