Monday, December 17, 2012

Jim Kmetz after action briefing

I've printed this map in full (legal) size and smaller (letter) sized prints. Keep in mind that this is not an official FAA or Midwest publication, but it is merely a compilation of several hand drawn reference pieces that were being used when I came to Bloomington ATCT. While I've made it as accurate as I think I can, reference to this map, and a later challenge that "I did it according to the "map"" will not stand muster with the FAA.

That's my official disclaimer if the FAA ever asks me about it. I use this daily, I reference it for distances remaining for takeoff on a weekly basis so I trust it.

If you have any questions about this map direct them to me. If you have any questions about operating around the airport please direct them to Kelly Serna, Tower manager. If anyone has any comments (positive/negative), concerns and anything to say about the presentation I gave, you can also direct them to Kelly. I'm sure she want's to hear how it goes beyond the fact that I'll tell her it was Great and everyone enjoyed it.

I will let Kelly know that you meet weekly, and that if she has any issues that might be of interest to your members that she can contact you and have any issues aired very quickly.

I appreciate the opportunity to have made this presentation to your group and hope that I cleared up any problems anyone had, or answered questions that they may have needed answered and look forward to working with the pilots at the airport.

Link to PDF version of Jim's reference Chart

Link to Letter Size Paper Version

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