Monday, February 06, 2006

note From Jason

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing well and keeping busy. Some I have had recent contact with and are familiar with my flying career, and some have not heard all the specifics in this ongoing saga.

Just a quick note to recap: Interviewed with Pinnacle Airlines, a Northwest Airlines regional carrier based in Memphis, on Dec 21. Was hired for a First Officers job on Dec. 22 flying their Canadair Regional Jet (50 passenger). Started training on Jan 16, 06' and have been here in Memphis since then, and will be for likely another 4 weeks.

I have found the people I am training with are well-qualified, professional, and the captains very cordial to us 'low-time' guys and gals. We routinely see the chief pilot and the V.P's of one thing or another from headquarters, which adjoins the training center. Our instructor has a wealth of experience flying for numerous carriers and freighters.

The first week was basic stuff with how the company operates, but in extreme detail. Test over that. Then came HAZMAT, Security, and Emergency stuff. Tests over all those too. We are basically in week three and ended our first week of Systems. Gotta say it is not even remotely close to a Cessna! The systems on the CRJ are not real complicated, but there is just a ton of information about it. Add in Limitations (have to be memorized) and emergency 'memory items' (28 procedures to be done/recited from memory), and it gets to be a handful. The days are long, but I am having a ball with it. Likely will fly the simulator in about 2-3 weeks, which will be a welcome activity. I do not recall, since I have been a pilot, having not flown in excess of 10 days, so I am getting jumpy to go.

For a great website to look at the jet, go to '' and do a search for 'Pinnacle Airlines' There is a good shot of the Flight deck. Also, our website: "' will have a few aerial photos as well.

Hope all is going goos with you all. Stay in touch. Love to hear from you when your able.......


Jason M. Ideus, MS, CSCS, HFI

Certified Flight/Instrument Instructor

Multi-Commercial-Instrument Pilot

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