Monday, February 13, 2006

note from Peter Zabriskie

Notes: As a past member of extrordinaire EAA 650: HELLO from LAS VEGAS, AREA 51, and Clark Co. Nevaada HOME of the UNITED STATES AIRFORCE THUNDERBIRDS. Long time no see. Except last July when a few of us bumped together infront of Steve Johnsons beautiful Staggerwing. I was very touched to learn that a tree dedicated to my brother Rick was planted there at the airport. He is greatful I am sure. IN THE NEWS: I have started flying instruction again. My instructor is Steve Krueger a man who reminds me of Steve Johnson. I take instruction in his Bellanca tri-tail. He also flys for FEDEX in Panama, Fokker 49(?). and instructs around the country. So I am at present cracking the books. Work here for me is loading and unloading Airbus A300's and 310's for Fedex at MacCarren Airport, as well as Cessna 208's if the crew is short. I have taken it in my head that I would like to secure a Sonerai airplane to build hours in after I finish my flight training. With quite some research it is!
a plane I believe I can fly and maintain on a budget. With many flying and a established group of pilots and builders, one here in town, to draw on. I think it is a good choice. TO THE POINT: to fund all this, my wife Chris and I, own an acre of property in Nye Co. NV.. The town is called Pahrump, ryhmes with hump. It is 60 miles west of Las Vegas in a beautiful high desert, with snow cap mountain views. TRUTH it is hot!! in summer. But the quiet is deafening. And if you love horses this is a great place. The not quite international airport is a dirt strip, not uncommon around here. Anyone interested in purchasing can email or snail mail me. I know you may not all beat the doors down, but if we can sell this with out the realtor we can pay off all our debt and I may get a small plane. God Bless you all. Pete & Chris Zabriskie. EAA 0470533

email the eaa650 mailbox for contact info, as publishing this will cover Pete up in junk mail -tcp

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