Friday, January 25, 2013

Fwd: 3 years already for !

2013, three years already for Avialogs !
Aviation books
3 years already and so many projects to do ...
Our new website is already on-line and will be further updated in the following months.
There are still a few bugs and section headings to perfect, but all the contents are available. 6,500 documents and a thousand photos.

Whilst the work is done by three volunteers, the server hosting (1 main, 1 backup and 2 TB of hard disk space) isn't free.  A document scanner is also under construction but cannot be completed without funds (comprising two digital cameras and remote control software).  Purchasing new documents is also expensive and is currently done with personal funds.

This project has so far had quite some success, establishing links with several organisations in Canada, U SA and soon into Europe.

Today, only about 10% of the users support the project financially.  If you are one of this minority, then our sincere thanks to you for your help, which enables us to pay for the hostings services.

If you haven't yet become a subscribed member, the cost is $14 for 6 months. The address :

A subscription gives full access to all the downloadable areas of the site but enables us to acquire new documents and to guarantee the non-commercial character of Aviologs: No adverts and no third party use of any subscribers data.

Another way to help is to give us documents (books, technical papers or manuals etc).  Contact me directly if you want to know how to proceed in this case.  The only stipulation is that the documents should be at least 20 years old for technical manuals and 50 years old for books.

Many thanks for your help and your support,

Benoit de Mulder -

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