Sunday, April 16, 2017

Fwd: Speaker After Action Report

Fifteen members of our EAA 650 Chapter welcomed Scott Bradley to the
clubhouse on Saturday morning for his presentation. Scott owns and
operates Bradley Aviation at the Columbus Airport and supports the
fleet of Civil Air Patrol aircraft from Indiana and parts of Kentucky.
After brief introductions he discussed some of the different
maintenance requirements that are associated with the CAP aircraft.
For example they operate based on 100 hour inspections in lieu of an
annual. He brought along some training aids in the form of aircraft
parts that have proven to be trouble spots for the maintenance
program. He also went into difficulties associated with this type of
program due to the many differences. There was a brief discussion on
those maintenance items that an owner can perform on their certified
aircraft and passed out a list of those items for everyone to have a
copy of. There we also a handout passed out with some new FAA guidance
that will be coming along. All in all it was a presentation well worth
our time and based on the round of applause at the end, it was
informative for all.
The presentation lasted nearly two hours and there were a lot of
questions asked from the audience. For those of you who couldn't make
it, you missed a very informative presentation by an experienced A&P,
and IA. He has volunteered to have our group come over to his shop
sometime and take a look at some of the projects he is working on. He
has a Steerman that was in storage for a long time that was sold to a
new owner and he is rebuilding the aircraft. I told him we would take
him up on that offer later in the year.

Next month we will be supporting Tim Sparks and the Olympiad on the IU
campus. We still need volunteers to time the events so raise your hand
and join the group in support of program. Those kids are great to work
with and really appreciate our support.

Finally, we are still looking for the annual dues to be paid. There
are quite a few of our past members that have not signed up for this
year. If you have changed your mind about being a member let me know
so we can take your name off the email list.

Have a Great Week

Jerry Harkin
EAA 650

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