Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fwd: Airbus

Hope all of you enjoy this view of an Airbus landing at San Francisco, Apt. When I was flying a USAF C-97, I used to say it was " like sitting on the front porch of a house and landing it ". Can you believe no yoke or stick? Very sophisticated!!

Subject: FW: Airbus A-380 First Landing at SFO


Airbus    A-380 First Landing at SFO ...... 800 PLUS    PASSENGERS
The pilots sit away from everything, no yoke, etc. Captain pulls up a keyboard once in a while to enter info but the plane does most of the work.....
The  humongous A380 makes its first landing at San Fran cisco airport. It seems extensively automated. The air traffic controller gives them heading, altitude and speed, and they dial it in. Pretty                      interesting.
For  best results go "full screen" on your  monitor . It will seem like you are in the cockpit.


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