Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Fwd: View from c-130 on fire retardant drop

This is some awesome HD video of a CA Air National Guard C-130J dropping fire retardant on the Rim Fire.  They are following a spotter aircraft that you will see about half way through who is directing them where to drop.  The irritating "landing gear" call is because the aircraft is flying so low and slow with the flaps extended that the computer assumes they are going to land and is reminding them to lower the gear.  As soon as the pilot accelerates after the drop "she" goes away.  This is truly great up-close and personal viewing of what the aircraft are doing over a fire.  Enjoy.  

Saturday Morning Breakfast

All The Saturday morning breakfast we had was a resounding success. The eggs to order, the bacon fried crispy, the fruit garnish,...