Sunday, February 22, 2015

Fwd: One COOL PLANE - - AirCam in HD

Richard Johnson (Flying the yellow Air Cam in the video) let me fly his plane back to his hanger from the Seaplane Base in Winter Haven.  Hanger was about 25 miles away and it was the most fun I have ever had flying.  I took off my cap when I got in the front seat and Richard said it was not necessary as you can even open a chart in the front seat the way the wind shield protects you.  We taxied up on to the runway to take off but we were facing the wrong way.  There was a fence about 100 feet in front of us and trees behind that.   He said, "We'll just take off in this direction."  I said a bad word and away we went.  We cleared that fence by 40 feet and continued to climb until he said, "Take it Charlie".  What a Blast.....

Watch the video. 

The AirCam is the greatest airplane ever because it allows flying you simply cannot do in any other airplane.  It's a twin-engine ultralight designed for use by National Geographic to explore Africa .  It can fly 10 feet above the tree tops in safety as it can, with no engine management challenge, climb up and away on one engine.  Such near-Earth exploration is not done in twin-engine GA planes, ultralights or any other aircraft, with the same level of assurance. AirCams can take off on one engine, easily, and with both Rotax 912's turning, it leaps off terra firma in less than 100 feet and climbs 2,000 fpm at Vne, all while burning only 10 gph. Try all that in any other aircraft!


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